Work That Sets Us Apart

Driving content velocity at scale to deliver increased performance
The Opportunity
Drive sales and engagement to make the 2019 edition of the Amazon Great Indian Sale bigger than ever.
The Human Lens
The Amazon Great Indian Sale was conducted in 3 phases over 45 days. To make shopping during the sale memorable, we had to look beyond the deals and discounts. We wanted it to be an experience that customers will never forget. To make this happen, we needed a theme that would appeal to them. A place where they could not only get great products but also have a great time. So, we took the quintessential Indian mela (carnival) and brought it alive in a digital avatar.
How We Shaped Behaviour
We got the ball rolling by crafting a mela-inspired design language for the entire duration of the sale. We divided our to audience into existing and new-to-Amazon (N2A) customers and created hyper-personalised moments to focus on their needs using a variety of touch points like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, E-mailers, online food delivery partners etc. By optimising the unique features of each platform, we engaged with our customers drawing a tremendous response. We even got 80 other brands to participate in one of our contests titled ‘who’s coming to the mela?’.
By the end of the 45th day, we had created and uploaded over 5000 pieces of content across multiple social media platforms!
The Success Story
A post campaign brand study revealed that we achieved:
  • 30% growth In GMV vs 22% the previous year
  • 3.5X increase In overall unit sales
  • 99.4% Of India’s pin codes covered in the sale
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