Strategy & Consulting

Strategy & Consulting
Accelerate growth and drive digital business transformation with the right business strategy
To provide world class customer experience and achieve breakthrough innovation in today’s digital first world, you need a vision and flawless execution. Indigo Consulting is pioneer in this front with over 21 years of experience. Our strategy experts collaborate extensively with our experience and engineering teams to ensure we design, build and scale your digital business and deliver unprecedented growth.

For today’s businesses, gaining market share is extremely tough as the competition is immense. So, how will your business succeed when there is limited room to grow? This is where we look for ways to maximize your business’ potential so that you can enjoy an uncontested market share. This helps you capture new demand by giving you the ‘first-mover’ advantage and rendering the competition irrelevant.

Businesses today need a fresh perspective to identify gaps in existing processes. Our capabilities involve value assessment and operational diagnostics to make your core business processes more strategic and efficient. We leverage the findings from assessment to design, and implement an operating model to achieve considerable increase in productivity, cycle times and quality. Using our digital expertise, we fundamentally rethink your existing processes, to save time and deliver more value to all the stakeholders.

Businesses today are in a state of constant transition. This is due to changing customer needs, a volatile business environment and constantly evolving industry trends. Our experts devise a digital roadmap for your organization so that you are prepared for these uncertainties as and when they come. We design a customized blueprint that aligns your organization’s digital strategy with short-term and long-term business objectives. We undertake the assessment of each initiative’s value against cost, complexity and risk to assess whether it can deliver on pre-defined goals. Ultimately, we enable you to convert your business’ vision into a realistic action plan that delivers ROI.
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