Experience Design

Experience Design
Create best in class digital experiences by integrating Content, Design, Technology, and Data
Indigo Consulting leverages the exhaustive experience of its experts coupled with collaborative technology partners, to deliver an architecture for organizations to digitize operations, deliver connected customer experiences, and gather actionable customer insights.

A digital experience (DX) strategy requires brands to recalibrate the omni-channel customer experience across digital communication channels to offer a seamless digital customer journey. Our DX team of experts, design digital roadmaps to future proof your business. To enhance customer journeys, we design and implement the relevant platforms pertaining to customer self-service portals, chatbots, loyalty programs, employee experience platforms, et al.

Organizations today are at different maturity levels in their digital transformation journey. Technological advancements are moving at a scorching pace. To become a customer – centric organization, lead the race to be digital disruptors and minimize costs, a right partner in this journey is extremely critical.

Our team of experts work along with you to suggest, design, develop, and implement the right customer experience platform to enhance productivity, customer insights and drive ROI.

In today’s competitive digital landscape, effectively turning customer and market insights into actionable marketing communication is the key to faster time to market. Businesses often face the challenge of not having a central content repository to search and deliver the required information. Also, adopting the same content for delivery across multiple communication channels is a time-consuming task. Our experts collaborate with you to build a content hub suiting the business requirements, enterprise size, departmental needs, and content sources to create a holistic outcome-based content strategy.

As an organization grows, data becomes more pervasive as there is a huge proliferation of product information, process information, marketing content and so forth, highly diverse and fragmented.

Using our Enterprise search solutions, businesses can add rich, relevant search to apps, online stores and websites to build powerful search experience for customers and employees. Our enterprise search solutions connect to all data and content no matter the source, format, language, on-premises, or in the cloud. We enable knowledge management, intranet search, performance monitoring and robust search analytics.

Our expertise in developing proprietary enterprise search solutions coupled with strong partnerships with industry-leading search platform providers, makes the information journey for our clients easier.

The digital age requires all people to have equal access to information online. Several regulations across different countries require the top brands to provide similar website accessibility to anyone accessing their digital assets.

Businesses must have processes to ensure all visitors have equal access to their website. It is possible through our advanced web accessibility solution. We undertake several accessibility validations which make us aware of the latest technologies to help serve you better.

Our accessibility solutions ensure that all content formats and device types are covered for your users (even with users with special abilities) to make the online presence a smooth and personalized experience.

With the advance of digital age, the world appears flat, and it is imminent for all businesses to serve a global customer base. Localization (l10n ) services enable your product, service, and website to adapt to the language, appearance, and functionality for a foreign language market.

Our localization solutions are designed by experts who have adequate knowledge about linguistic, cultural, and technical features which need customization for the local audience. You can readily integrate your stack with the regions where you are present. It can empower international growth and provide you with advanced multilingual marketing opportunities.

Our localization solutions can help in managing multilingual content formats and workflow at scale. Combining technology and people capital we offer a range of solutions like Localization Technology Solutions, Localization Testing, Translation, Localization and Translation services of chatbots, websites, mobile applications, and many more.
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