Work That Sets Us Apart

Indusind Bank
Transforming business with a user-friendly website. A true example of technology, design and innovation coming together harmoniously.
The Opportunity
Rethink the website design to deliver a user-friendly experience that will help project IndusInd Bank as a one-stop-shop for all banking needs.
The Human Lens
We began by doing a root and branch examination of the existing website. From an outdated design to a broken content strategy, there were many issues that needed fixing. Additionally, there were separate websites for mobile and desktop leading to a disjointed customer experience overall. Since there were multiple areas of improvement that required different skill sets, we believed the best way was to adopt the agile methodology – a project management process that works on agility, flexibility and adaptability during development and maintenance.
How We Shaped Behaviour
Once we had our approach in place, we went about executing it. We divided the requirements into smaller modules, with dedicated teams assigned to each. As is the norm when practicing agile methodology, our teams collaborated not just with each other but also with the customer at every stage of the development process. We upgraded the CMS by integrating it with AEM ensuring better data security, faster load times as well as compliance with RBI’s guidelines. These subtle restructures in the basic architecture of the website helped us redefine navigation.
This in turn, made the user journey seamless. Finally, to bring everything together we created a design strategy that put products and services front and centre, thus helping customers easily find what they were looking for.
The Success Story
A post campaign brand study revealed that we achieved:
  • Seamless AEM 6.4 integration
  • Better Data security
  • Faster Loading time
  • Delightful User journey
  • Compliant Website as per RBI
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