Work That Sets Us Apart

Revolutionising customer engagement in banking
The Opportunity
Reach out to Citibank customers in a meaningful way to drive engagement and spends.
The Human Lens
Customers’ attention spans are dwindling. Traditional media channels are unable to hold their interest any more. So, the key to engaging with our customers was to find out where they were spending their time. We undertook a data-driven approach and studied their content consumption behaviour. The result was emphatic –more Citi customers were on social media than ever before. A 5X jump in video consumption, with 8.5 hours of content consumed every month, led us to adopt a ‘Video First’ approach to reach out to them. Read on to find out how we leveraged it.
How We Shaped Behaviour
In order to maximise reach, we targeted customers across multiple touch points, all through intelligently crafted and platform-friendly videos. Our content was tailored to drive spends, explain processes in the simplest possible way, scale up acquisition and reinforce Citi’s value proposition. With 2 videos every week, we ensured continuous customer engagement.
The Success Story
A post campaign brand study revealed that we achieved:
  • 30%+ increase In engagement
  • 7% higher Card spends
  • 3% increase in brand Preference (63% cards, 70% banking)
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