Work That Sets Us Apart

An award winning campaign that changed the category narrative
The Opportunity
To crack a 360° campaign aimed at changing the category narrative of entry-level motorcycles for Tier-2 and Tier-3 audiences.
The Human Lens
When it comes to roads in the Indian hinterland, chances are that we’ll find many types, except for one in working condition. There is the potholed road, the swampy road, the road full of rocks, the bumpy road etc. So more than anything else, a motorcycle needs to be strong enough to withstand these uneven terrains. While the competition spoke of mileage and cost, we believed the sturdiness of the bike was the most important factor that influenced the purchasing decision. Thus was born the idea of pitching Bajaj’s CT110 as a well-made bike for the unmade Indian road.
How We Shaped Behaviour
We crafted ‘Har Sadak Par Kadak’ – a memorable campaign line that communicated the product benefit and captured the imagination of our TG to audience. While our campaign was making waves across all popular ATL mediums – TV, Outdoor & Print, it was on social where we enjoyed path-breaking success. In a category first, we utilised TikTok to reach out to our audience in a way that no other brand had ever done before. We created a hook-step choreographed to the brand’s jingle, asked users to send in their videos of doing the hook-step, with lucky winners standing a chance to win the bike itself! This generated record engagement for the brand, and got everyone talking about the Bajaj CT110.
The Success Story
A post campaign brand study revealed that we achieved:
  • 4.5 billion Views on TikTok
  • 700+ TikTok Entries in just two days
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