Work That Sets Us Apart

Using Drupal 8 CMS to deliver cutting-edge user experiences
The Opportunity
To rethink the design of three Indostar websites – Capital Finance, Home Finance, and Asset Management - with the intent of projecting the brand as reliable and stable.
The Human Lens
Indostar provides structured term finance solutions to corporates, loans to SMEs, and vehicle & housing finance products. After inspecting the existing websites, we came to the conclusion that the reason for reduced traffic was that the visitors – be it their investors, partners or customers - simply couldn’t find what they were looking for. Additionally, the content was verbose and the user navigation was complicated.
How We Shaped Behaviour
Leveraging our brand partnership with CMS leader Drupal, we created a site architecture and a CMS strategy that made information readily accessible to every kind of visitor. We recrafted the content keeping the language simple and the tone of voice positive. We reimagined user navigation and brought the portfolio of products & services to the forefront. This helped visitors find what they were looking for. We also made sure that all three websites followed the same design language and content flow to maintain consistency.
The Success Story
A post campaign brand study revealed that we achieved:
  • 36% increase In unique visitors
  • Over 2 minutes Average session duration
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